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PcMars is a full-featured accounting software designed specifically for farm applications, but with enough flexibility that it may be used for small business applications.

PcMars was designed to be an easy-to-use program. The accounting principles are similar to the hand-held book system used by members of various Farm Business Management associations. PcMars for Windows is derived from PcMars for DOS, our first accounting program. PcMars is in its 35th very successful year. PcMars uses standard account code breakdowns, standard enterprises and an emphasis on monthly reports. Using your computer on your location gives you maximum flexibility with instant access to your records. Printouts are available any time at your command. You choose which account codes to use. You also may choose to what degree you wish to divide your business into separate enterprises and profit centers. You can start at the minimum level and later define your business more precisely as you become more familiar with the program.

Made by Farmers for Farmers. Since 1985.

PcMars was created in 1985 by Keith and Dan Sheller, both farmers as well as Dan being a software engineer. Since 1985 the program has been customized for several farm business associations and adult educator programs. Currently PcMars has unique codes tailored for Iowa, Minnesota, Illinois, Michigan and South Dakota.

Over 11,000 programs have been sold to date in multiple states.

Our team works very hard to make sure this is the most user-friendly software to use! We have superior customer support. We will provide personal attention by listening to and understanding our customers’ needs.

PcMars is based in Ames, Iowa

Features of PcMars Accounting Software

Chart of Accounts

PcMars has several farm or small business charts of accounts that may be selected during the setup process. There are farm charts of accounts that conform to the categories used by Iowa, Illinois, Minnesota and Michigan Farm Business and Farm Management systems. Users may select a totally user defined system as well. The system provides up to 625 account codes.

Vendor Capabilities

Listing of commonly used vendors and individual loan accounts. All vendors may be flagged for 1099 reporting. New vendors can be added with unlimited vendor capacity.

Credit Transactions

Transactions involving revolving credit accounts or credit cards can be entered.


Easily reconcile with your bank statement.

Check Printing

You can automatically print checks as you enter them into PcMars. You can also print batches at a time.

Profit Center

Users can opt to utilize profit centers as a separate segment of an enterprise, and in the selective report capability allows excellent income/expense tracking for each profit center.


In the farm accounting area or the small business structure, ability to segregate the business into enterprise segments is a necessity. PcMars users can define an unlimited number of different enterprises within their business. The reporting capability of PcMars allows the user to generate reports by enterprise. All account codes may also be defaulted to a specific enterprise easing the data entry process.

Bank/Fund Accounts

PcMars will allow the user to track up to 30 different bank, money market or other fund accounts and their balances. As the user enters individual transactions, the data entry screen will display the accessed bank or fund account balance.

Detailing Entries

Users may track income and expenses to many levels; from vendor, account code, enterprise to profit center. The selective reporting capabilities will support this sort level, plus date and bank/fund account selections.


PcMars users can set up a pick list of an unlimited number of descriptions that may be used in either deposit or check transactions. The list ensures that the descriptions are identical for search and selective reporting purposes.

Difficult Transactions

A wizard has been developed that will help you handle CCC loan transactions easily along with Coop Dividends, credit card transactions and crop insurance.

Export to Finpack

PcMars has the capability to export to Finpack if the Iowa, Illinois, Minnesota or Michigan account codes are utilized.

Report Capabilities

There are multiple report capabilities including selective reporting which allows you to generate reports based on any one of the data entry blocks. The Tax Detailed Reports and Full Year General Ledger report gives you all the information you need to prepare your taxes.

Payroll Capabilities

Users may set up payroll files for an unlimited number of employees, specifying the information necessary to generate the payroll check and appropriate deductions for federal, state and FICA withholdings as well as a pension and three other potential withholdings. Payroll checks printed with a detailed stub.

Loan Tracking

PcMars users are able to track specific loan balances and interest paid on each specific loan. There are multiple loan reports available for users to select from.

Bank Statement Import

Easily import your bank/credit card statements into PcMars.

Inventory Capabilities

Inventory information can be entered to the level of detail desired by the user. For instance, user can enter total quantity of grain and livestock or detail it by bin or individual livestock group. This inventory information is used to compile a Net Worth statement using either cash basis or market value numbers. In the accrual system, an accurate inventory can be derived at any time from information entered in transactions.

Cash Flow Planning

Cash flow planning/budgeting features in PcMars allows the user to build an annual, monthly or quarterly budget for the accounting year. The system will then generate comparative income statements that compare the budgeted amounts with the actual figures for the reporting month and the year-to-date figures.

Backup Capabilities

Easily back up to a zip (compressed) file. These files are easy to email to your consultant or field person.

The Farmer Friendly Software.

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