New Features

PcMars Distribution

PcMars will be downloadable and free to download from this website. Along with the program being free to download, all future updates will also be free. Our goal is for users to always have the most current, up-to-date version.


PcMars new database format will increase network capabilities.

Accounts Receivable

PcMars Accounts Receivable program is now integrated into the PcMars program so users that have the Accounts Receivable will not have a second icon or program.

Scroll Boxes

More screens now have scroll boxes and those scroll boxes can now be scrolled up or down with the scroll wheel.

Fiscal Labor Reports

All joined fiscal labor reports will additionally list and report on any prior year employees that are not in the current year’s books.

Print Label Option

Added a print label option to Print Vendor List with an option to select specific vendors.

Year End Cash Summary Report Option

Added units, weights and enterprise subtitles to the Year End Cash Summary Report.

Backup Set of Books when Exiting Program

An option to ask to back up a set of books when exiting the program has been added. If that option is turned off, the program will not prompt you to back up your set of books each time you exit the program.

Advanced Payroll Module

The Advanced Payroll module now supports the new IRS 2020 W-4 and prior W-4 forms to calculate Federal Withholding correctly

Database Conversion

PcMars has been redesigned to utilize an updated database. All previous versions of PcMars (2.5 and lower) were written in an outdated (depreciated) database that is no longer supported and cannot be updated or supported by PcMars.

Program Speed

The PcMars update to a more reliable and efficient database will help to prevent any data corruption/data loss issues.

Past Books

All prior years’ sets of books will be converted free to the new 3.0 version, so users will still have access to those prior years’ sets of books and will still have the ability to run multi-year reports.

Inventory Number

The inventory number maximum length increased from four characters to five characters.

Browse Screen Additions

Added advanced Bank, Code, Number, and Invoice selection in the browse selection screen. This will allow users to search by individual or ranges.

Do Not Carry Over Vendor Option

Added a “Do not carry over this vendor to the following year” option on the bottom of the vendor list and payroll list to allow user the flexibility to clean up their lists.

Detailed Report-Selected Items

Added an advanced option to the bank field on the Detailed Report-Selected Items. This option will allow users to enter more than one bank account.

Direct Control of Period

When the new, updated Direct Control of the Period option, all cleared transactions will have a period assigned to them.

Multiple Users Option

A multiple user option has been added that will allow multiple users to create their own settings under Miscellaneous Options. If there are multiple users on the same computer, each user will be able to have their own personal settings.

Date Entry

To simplify reconcile and date entry, PcMars will now only allow entries to be entered within the set of books beginning and ending date.

Text Screen

The text on screens can now be zoomed up to 200% in the display settings based on the Windows Operating System (for higher resolution monitors only)

Employee List

An employee for a new paycheck must be in the employee list. This is to make certain that all labor reports are accurate.

New Option on Year End Cash Summary Report

Added the option to include enterprise subtotals on the Year End Cash Summary Report.

Payroll (Minnesota Labor Reporting Requirement)

Added an option that will allow users to print an information statement to conform to the new Minnesota Labor Reporting Requirements on paystubs.

Close Set of Books Option

An option to close set of books when exiting the program has been added. When that option is turned on, when exiting the program, the book will close automatically. If that option is not turned on, the book will stay opened when exiting the program. This enhancement was added for networks and the new multiple user updates.

Browse Screen

When using the Browse Screen, there is now a right-click option to view that transaction as a report

Need Software Support?

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